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Family Medicine Specialist

Karen E. Lee, MD, MPH -  - Geriatrics

Tucson Family and Geriatric Medicine

Karen E. Lee, MD, MPH

Geriatrics & Family Medicine located in Northwest Tucson, AZ

As a board-certified family physician, Karen Lee, MD, offers comprehensive care for the whole family at Tucson Family and Geriatric Medicine. Dr. Lee focuses on custom care plans to ensure the health of your family. She offers the convenience of onsite diagnostics, and preventive health care screenings. If you’re looking for a reliable physician to care for the health of your family, book an appointment online now or call the Tucson, Arizona, office to schedule a family medicine consultation. We serve patients from Oro Valley, Tucson, Catalina foothills and Marana.

Family Medicine Q & A

What family medicine services are available?

To ensure each member of your family is healthy and functioning optimally, Dr. Lee offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for a number of acute and chronic health conditions.

Dr. Lee treats all members of your family, focusing on custom treatment plans to manage existing health conditions and create disease-prevention strategies. Dr. Lee is also highly skilled in addressing the unique needs of the elderly through available geriatric health services.

Family health services include routine physicals, including I-693 immigration exams, and services like:

  • Immunizations (for 15 yrs and up)
  • Onsite diagnostics
  • Medication management
  • Comprehensive allergy testing
  • Disease management and prevention

Preventive health screenings are also available to identify chronic health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and depression. Early diagnosis and treatment are often key to ensuring the best possible outcome for your long-term health.

Dr. Lee also offers specialized micronutrient testing, which identifies nutritional deficiencies that affect your health, as well as comprehensive allergy testing, upon request and for additional fees. 

When do I need immunizations?

Many immunizations are given to infants and young children at different stages of development to prevent contagious disease. Dr. Lee provides immunizations early to protect children as their immune system continues to develop.

Throughout your adult years, you may need updates to immunizations you already have to protect you against conditions like tetanus. Dr. Lee also offers seasonal flu shots to minimize the side effects of the influenza virus.

If you and your family plan to travel outside of the United States, you may need additional immunizations for certain diseases common in other countries.

How often should I schedule a routine physical?

In many cases, Dr. Lee recommends annual physicals to allow her to monitor changes in your health. These visits ensure she has the opportunity to identify potential health risks as early as possible so treatment is more effective.

If you have existing health issues, including diabetes or high blood pressure, Dr. Lee may recommend seeing you more often to evaluate the success of your treatment and ensure your existing condition and symptoms are well-controlled.

After your initial evaluation, Dr. Lee sets up a timeline of wellness checks and health screenings based on your specific needs. 

She also offers concierge medicine services to give you more personalized health and preventive care along with 24//7 access to Dr. Lee’s medical expertise.

If you’re looking for a compassionate, caring board-certified geriatrician and family physician, schedule a consultation at Tucson Family and Geriatric Medicine today using the online booking feature or by calling the office at 520-395-2220.

We see patients from the surrounding cities Oro Valley, Tucson, Catalina foothills and Marana

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