COVID-19 testing and Telehealth via iPhone/Skype for Medicare patients

Tucson Family and Geriatric Medicine is making COVID-19 testing more accessible for Medicare patients. We are using Facetime (iPhone) or Skype to conduct Telehealth visits, and will order mail-in COVID-19 kits if needed.

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Telehealth Visits Available- Simply use iPhone or Skype

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Dr Lee has made it easy to establish care for those looking for a new PCP. Just call to schedule a visit and use Facetime (iPhone) or Skype for your medical visit. Existing patients may also use telehealth for their visits.

Microneedling with PRP

Tucson Family and Geriatric Medicine offers microneedling with PRP ( "vampire facial") for skin rejuvenation. This procedure involves the application of your own blood (plasma) which is centrifuged to collect the platelet rich plasma which has growth facto